Creating Your Own Product Means Profits Soar

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When you sell products for other people, you’ll get a percentage or a commission based on how much the products sell for. Many online entrepreneurs can make a nice living promoting for others.

But there’s a difference between a nice living financially and making the profits that can give you the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of. When you promote products for others, you make some good money – but the product owner gets rich.

By creating your own products, you’ll see the profits surpass anything you could earn if you just stuck to selling for others. That’s because you get 100% of the profits for some sales and a percentage of profits that your army of affiliates send your way.

If you sell a $200 product for someone else and make 50%, then you get $100. But if you sell a $200 product of your own, then you’re doubling your profit. Not only that, but you can sign up other people to sell for you, pay them a commission – and you’re earning effortlessly as they do all of the marketing work that delivers targeted traffic!

Plus, if you write an eBook, you get to place affiliate links or links to other products you own within it and you’ll wind up with even more in sales. Making money online isn’t about who works the hardest.

If that were all it took, then everyone online who worked hard would make money hand over fist and be able to retire fast. It’s not always who shows up that gets ahead. All you have to do to see that is take a look at real life.

You can have someone who’s been in the job ten years and they get passed over for a promotion (and the bigger paycheck) by some guy who joins the company and gets promoted after just one year.

Creating a product and getting it up for sale on your site doesn’t have to take that long. You can have an eBook finished in a day, a week or a month or more depending on how fast you write. Create a perfect balance of info product development and affiliate marketing for the maximum return on your investment of time and effort.

Write in a friendly, informative manner, give people something they can really use and your customers will become repeat customers as your eBooks and other products gain a reputation for helping them solve problems that they’re seeking a solution for.

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